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Networks Network design and support LAN NETWORKS: - We can provide wired networking solutions including: ▪	Cabling ▪	Comms Cabinets ▪	CAT5 Network points ▪	Switches ▪	DADO Cable Ducting  WIRELESS NETWORKS (Wide Area): - Access Points located in key areas of the school in order to provide the most efficient overlapping solution for WiFi for the school - POE or Hard Cable power solutions.  WIRELESS NETWORKS (Narrow Area): - Alternative solution to a Wide Area Network Single Access Point located in the classroom servicing one or more adjacent classrooms - POE or Hard Cable power solution - Eliminates ‘Dead Areas’ within the classroom  Electrical Contract Work: - Click here for more information  Upgrade: - We can upgrade existing systems using current cabling and hardware where practical  WARRANTY: - We will deal with any Hardware or Software warranty issues on behalf of the school at no cost to the school