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Whether its new or years old, ‘Computer Hardware’ is unreliable at best and totally unpredictable at worse.  Hardware and Software can fail without warning and schools need an immediate solution in order to minimize the impact on the school or classroom.   Schools need flexibility from their IT Support company so that issues are addressed quickly with the minimum disruption to the teachers and the classroom.  Contracts only favour the IT Company. Monthly on-site visits eat into the IT budget of the school with very little to show for it from the point of view of the school. They only benefit the IT Support company because they give the impression that issues are being proactively addressed when in reality the chances of an issue being identified and addressed on one of these monthly visits is very remote.  RYEPEG Software Systems address this support issue by providing support on a ‘Call & Fix’ basis.  We charge a fixed hourly rate of €45 plus VAT regardless of whether the call-out is during or outside of school hours.   A travel charge of €15 plus VAT will only apply if there are toll charges incurred onroute to the school.  Telephone support is free.  Remote support is charged at a reduced rate of €35 plus VAT  What we offer: - Immediate telephone response - Telephone support call within 15 minutes - On-site within - 5 - 6 hours for critical events - next day for serious events - within 48 hours for minor events - scheduled date & time for all other events - when were are done we are gone - invoice on a monthly basis

Who we are

RYEPEG Software Systems are an IT support company based in Leixlip, Co. Kildare. We provide support for all areas of IT used within schools.
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